About Me

I am a mom/step-mom to seven kids; five teenage boys and two girls. The grocery bill is ridiculous. It gets loud.  But my menagerie of awesome weirdos are so much fun to hang out with that it’s worth it! Besides you can always kick them outside.

I am a wife to my new husband, G.

I am an overly cynical church attender,  somewhat of a haphazard gardener (can’t grow inside plants, go figure…) a musician, and a musical theatre director. I love to read and I love to MBTI type people.

My goal for writing this blog is to share my story with others who may be going through the same situation that I did. I’d like to sit down and share my story with you over a cup of hot coffee. I am not able to do that with every person, so this blog is my way of connecting with each one of you.  Whether you are simply curious about my story, walking alongside someone who is journeying down a similar road, or walking this road yourself.

I want to let you know that  you too can do this. You can walk through really hard things and make it through to the other side.