G is combining, and I need Jesus.

It’s May 1st here in Canada, and the combines are out in full force.

If you didn’t grow up in a farming community you’re probably thinking “ok cool, whatever.”

If you did grow up in a farming community, you will think one of two things: 1. She’s obviously on drugs. 2. What the heck happened in Canada?!

We had an extremely wet summer last year. It was awful. Farmers were stressed because they couldn’t get their livelihood off the fields. Do you know what it’s like to drive by those swaths of wheat, canola, barely, and peas in the middle of April? The farmers get cranky and stressed right out. It’s not recommended.

Now is the time to plant, not the time to reap. We haven’t had a harvest in May in living memory.

But we have one this year. G was asked to come run a combine, because he’s done it for thirty something years and the man knows what he’s doing. So G has been working his normal job in the mornings, then going combining until the late hours of the evening.

I learned a few things during this season.

  1. I am so proud of my husband. And he looks sexy as h*** in a combine or any other farming impliment.
  2. I like visiting the fields and bringing him his supper.
  3. Seven is only 10 years old, but she loves the farm life.

Here are some other things I learned.

  1. It’s freaking hard not farming for yourself. There is defineltly grief involved watching your husband and your children doing what they love, but something that will never again be within their grasp.
  2. I get really, really, REALLY grouchy when I barely see G for the span of two weeks.

I try to be a good, supportive wife in this whole ” I’ll see you for 5 minutes before I fall asleep babe. And maybe if we’re lucky, i’ll see you for 10 minutes tomorrow!”

Yeah. I don’t do that.

The children are home 24/7. I need help with this. I need decent hours of sleep and a husband who is around.

But I mostly need Jesus because Lord knows I need his patience to get through the long days of saying ” No we can’t go to the pool. No we can’t see your friends. No we can’t go to the mall to buy you jeans. No, you can’t sit in front of the x-box all day! For the love of God, GO PLAY OUTSIDE!!”

Can anyone relate?


Photo by J. Remus on Unsplash

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