I can’t drink coffee anymore..probs not gonna make it.

It is now January the 29th, in the year of our Lord 2020. It has been precisely 25 days since I’ve been able to handle a cup of coffee. I’m obviously dying.

I’ve been sick the whole month of January. The whole freaking month! I had this inner ear thing going on where I was dizzy and exhausted and nauseated for two weeks. It’s still around but now it’s transitioned into a head cold because why not.

I’ve had two periods that have tried to kill me.

And I mistakenly ate something containing gluten that wiped me out for five days.

G and I went away for a weekend, first time in a year, and I was sick the whole time.

I’ve missed over a week of work.

There’s been bloodwork and x-rays and an ultrasound. It has taken a monumental effort just to keep my anxiety under control.

Needless to say, this has not been the best month for me.

Lessons Learned over the past month:

  1. Your anxiety is going to convince you you’re dying of brain cancer, meningitis, herpes, celiac, or some other such disease. You’re gonna have to pray a LOT to help you calm the heck down.
  2. You really can survive on tea. You won’t die without coffee, and when you’re sick enough, your body doesn’t even give you withdrawal symptoms.
  3. If you judge the girl in the hot tub for feeling faint, you’re gonna almost faint yourself. Not a good plan. Stresses your husband out.
  4. Make sure you have ativan for the hotel, because you know your brain will convince you someone is going to break in and try and kill you. If you want to sleep, take the little white pill.
  5. Gluten free cookies from a box mix aren’t that bad.
  6. Ginger beer is delicious.
  7. When your husband prays for you, the anxiety goes away. Do this more often.

G has been epic this month. He has taken excellent care of me.

“Two” has taken over some of the cooking. The rest of the kids have been so-so ish. We are back to them making their own sandwiches. https://youcandothis.blog/2019/09/16/i-refuse-to-make-sandwiches/

Here’s hoping February will be better.

Stay healthy out there. Germy children and adults everywhere.


Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash

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