PMS…why though?

When G and I first got together I told him that I have a wicked time with my period. I get cramps and digestive issues that start days before. I’m exhausted and teary and can’t move for the first few days of the proceedings. I struggle with migraines.

And I most definitely get moody and emotional and crabby in the days and weeks leading up to my period. When I first told him this, poor innocent G replied ” Really? *insert ex-wife’s name here* always said that PMS was just an excuse for women to be awful. She said PMS was a choice.”

It is an eternal testament to my love for this man that I didn’t scratch his eyeballs out right then and there.

I don’t get why some women sail through this monthly event while others of us throw up, can’t move, and turn into raging lunatics. While I’ve always wanted a daughter of my own genetic make-up, I’ve been secretly grateful that there is no daughter of my own making here to suffer like I do. We shall see how my two adopted girls navigate their cycle.

It’s weird to me how hormonal fluctuations can lead to bouts of depression, anxious thoughts, no patience for anything, and the need to devour a whole bag or two of chocolate.

Some period humour, because we all need it…

I’ve learned that when I’m in that time of the month I’m way more insecure about my body, my personality, my relationship with G, and just life in general. It’s like this black cloud of melancholy takes over and I become anxious and needy and not ok.

I am lucky to have G.

This is how our conversation went last night before I went to sleep.

Me: Trying my darnedest to be rational and really just feeling like I’m drowning inside ” Tomorrow will be better, right?”

G: “Right.”

Then he gave me a big hug, chuckled to himself about once again having to console this mess of humanity that is his wife, and went to sleep.

I remembered that I have actually managed to get through every single month, and that I would probably feel better in a few days, and went to sleep.

Kudos to all the other women warriors out there fighting through one more month. We can make it though with chocolate and perseverance! And if menopause doesn’t finish us off completely, one day we will finally be free of this hellish ride.

I’m so looking forward to menopause…

Keep it real.


Photo by Katarzyna Grabowska on Unsplash

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