I need a hot meal.

The worst thing about small town hospitals is that by the time you’re finally discharged, everything in town is closed. Need to fill a prescription? Too bad. You have to wait till morning. Need a nourishing, hot meal or a relaxing beverage after being stuck in the ER for hours? Go home and make it yourself.

This is cruel and unfair. This will not do.

The best thing about small town hospitals is that the wait time to see a doctor isn’t nearly as bad as the city… Usually.

I was rear-ended on Monday. I have WAD-2, which means I have whiplash. I have neck and back pain, but I feel like I’m high as a kite half the time, so it’s not all bad. My 16 year old son was with me in the car but he was asleep and didn’t wake up to my yelling. He just woke up after I had slammed the brakes on to avoid the horrible woman in front of me, and the truck behind me whammed into our car.

He’s fine. I’m not so fine.

Probs didn’t help that I fell off a horse a week ago to the day and hit hard. G thinks it’s ridiculous that I’m waiting for the next thing to hit me because these things come in threes…He says I’m being superstitious and dumb, but I know better. Next Monday I’m staying in bed.

My girlfriend sent me this supportive quote, bless her heart.

It’s my new favourite.

This makes me feel better about myself as I lay here and do nothing.

G has been amazing. He’s handled all the insurance stuff and car repairs for me. He’s been driving me to appointments and putting up with my PTSD about being in the city, poor man.

Now when we get into heavy traffic in Calgary and have to slam on the brakes, I look out the passenger window and see a car approaching us way too fast and I curl up into a ball and start rocking and squeaking “no, no! I can’t do this again! I can’t do this again!”

I think I freak him out. Eh well, he’ll get used to it.

My chiropractor, who along with my massage therapist is my new best friend, told me I’ll start to relax and have less anxiety with driving in probably about 3-4 months. I snickered to myself and wanted ask “yeah, but what about when you already have anxiety?”

I’m taking time to be thankful. I’m thankful that I only had one kid in the car with me and not all of them. I’m thankful that the accident wasn’t a hundred times worse. I’m thankful that the nice, old, mennonite man who hit me was kind and quiet and helped me figure out what we needed to do.

And I’m thankful for friends and family that have been helpful and supportive. I’m especially thankful for G, he’s been amazing through all this.

Rock on people, and watch out for Mondays!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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