A follow up on the hockey game:

We lost.

Some random guy spilled beer on my jeans. Apologies were offered with slurred, but altruistic intentions.

G had his utility tool confiscated and we had to go claim it at guest services after the game. Security was everywhere. We had to leave the premises immediately after picking up said scary man tweezers in case of violence in the hallways.

And then there was my vast experience and knowledge of the rules…

For some reason it’s frowned upon to be texting your best friend when you’re supposed to be watching the game….

The really weird part about the hockey game wasn’t the drunk dude or the claiming of metal paraphernalia after the game, but the person who ended up sitting next to us. It was one of those things like “really?! out of the whole freaking saddledome we are sitting in these seats?!…what are you really trying to say, God?”

There we were sitting there being happy and anonymous when the lady sitting beside me goes ” I know you from somewhere. Have I heard you sing somewhere before? I recognize your hair.”

First thought “CRAP! Stupid dreadlocks are like a freaking calling card for being noticed and remembered!”

Turns out she and her husband attend the church that G and I had previously attended and she’d heard me lead worship there. Then I kicked my ex husband out. Then all hell broke lose. Then I left the church.

Second thought ” CRAP! What do I do?! what has she heard?! What does she think of me?!”

I took some deep breaths. I remembered that I am freaking awesome and lovely and a wonderful person and people can think of me however they want to because it doesn’t really matter. I’m good with me. And I’m good with my story.

Turns out she was a really kind woman who was genuinely interested in how I was doing and if I was still singing. She didn’t care if I was divorced. She didn’t care if I was remarried to G. She just cared about me.

It was so refreshing! It was so encouraging! Hurray for people like her!

It’s weird when God does stuff like that. When he directly puts people in your path, or in the next seat at the hockey game. People that have known you in your past life and don’t give a flying rat’s ass what’s happened in your life that’s been so scandalous for others. They just care about you.

It was an encouraging evening.

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