In Which Giant Insect Machines Bring Me Hope.

We went snowmobiling this past weekend. Well, to be entirely honest G did, and the kids and I took turns having rides. I am hopeless at making that stupid insect looking machine do anything that I want it to do. Therefore I pout and refuse to try. A very “mature” response, but nonetheless, my choice. And I am at peace with my choice.  

I love being out in wide open spaces. The blue sky and crisp white snow remind me of hope. Hope for spring. Hope for the future. I’ve been doing some hard work with past damage lately and it’s exhausting and it feels like it will never go away. It was good to get out and be reminded that I’m not going to be this same person forever. That when anxiety gets to me, I can remember that life is always in flux. Nothing stays the same, and neither do I.

I am including some quotes and sayings that I find encouraging and uplifting. They are all from my Pinterest page which has way too many pins. If you’re going through a particularly rough day, I hope they will encourage you to keep on going. Keep on striving. Keep on walking through, because things don’t remain the same. There is always hope for the future. 


Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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